Blue Trees Artist Statement

Blue Trees

What is a tree?

Both familiar and alien they endure so much. They have been here long before us and will be here long after us. Trees represent strength, beauty and are perfectly adapted to whatever change comes their way.

It takes nothing more than a peaceful, quiet walk through a forest to appreciate its beauty, smells and the protection it offers. A feeling of serenity, peace and safety are easily achieved.

This body of work is inspired by my great admiration of nature, my empathy for mental health and my wish for everyone to achieve happiness and contentment in life.

Mental health issues were recognized as far back as the Greeks and in 1883 a comprehensive system of disorders were published around a pattern of symptoms. Now 137 years later and we still live in a world holding on to a stigma of weakness and denial regarding mental health issues.

We are all affected emotionally by colors on a subconscious level. Each color has a representation and association with certain feelings both good and bad. I find this to be fascinating because of its simplicity and the use of color as a tool to communicate happiness.

Blue represents Serenity, Peace and Security

With this body of work I hope to communicate and pass along a simple feeling of happiness. JK