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Fold Under Before Sealing

Posted by on October 13, 2017 at 3:45 AM

I started shooting in 2001, at least this is when I first was able to buy a 35mm film slr. I purchased it on a credit card for $450, and it was a huge purchase for me at the time. I was around cameras and used cameras quite a bit skateboarding as a kid. And that is what really got me into photography and filming in the first place. 

I shot with my Nikon N65 for many years and I still have the camera. I have not used the camera in a long time and it has those really annoying and expensive cr2 batteries, which by default the lcd screen is always showing the film count and burning up those batteries. 

I loved that camera and it set me on path that  I am still pursuing to this day. There was however always something missing when shooting 35mm. I could never really put my finger on it, and I really didn't understand it myself, but there was always something else. When I finally bought a Yashica Mat124G many, many years later, it finally came to me. Shooting medium format changed my life, love and obession for photography. The feel of the camera, the size, looking down into the camera and the roll film. I Immediately connected with the whole process. 

So the name was born there. On the rolls of exposed 120 film, not all, but most, there is a message at the bottom that states...Fold Under Before Sealing. I love seeing that message. 

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