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Show Notes 1

Posted by on October 19, 2018 at 8:05 AM

Hey there, so I want to jump right into going over and reviewing the arts festivals that I have attended. I keep detailed notes for each show, sales, treatment, load in/out, app date, price and app date. I will be as transparent as I can be about the shows and sales. Each of these posts I will review 2 shows. 

Delaware Arts Festival May 19-20, 2018

This show is located in downtown Delaware, Ohio. The area is a little rural and blue collar with surrounding area being farms, Columbus is about 30 minutes away and this area really does not draw any people from the city. The setup is on the street with booths being right next to each other, so if you show up late there is a good possibility you will have trouble getting your canopy up. There is some storage behind your canopy, but not much. Bathrooms are porti potties on the streets, when setting up you are able to pull your car up to your spot. Application is in January and it is old school, you must send in prints of your work for the jury and the fee for the booth is $165 with 195 booths at the show. The show is interested in selling those booths so unfortunately they allow just about anything which brings down the show. That being said the show was bad, all around, the quality of shoppers, to sales, everyone I had talked to said the same thing. My sales were $48. 

Art in the Village, Legacy Village Cleveland, Howard Alan Events June 2-3, 2018

Held in a outdoor shopping center which is characteristic of Howard Alan Events. Expect to have a rough setup and teardown is always a problem. So show up early for HAE shows. Applications for HAE shows is up to a week before the show, you can apply through Zapplication, but have to mail your payment into them by mail. This show is not ranked, there is no prize money, you can rent tents and weights from them. They do provide water, but no booth sitters, bathrooms are local businesses, which do get annoyed by day 2 of the artists coming in and out. HAE keeps there costs down by not really doing anything for artists whats so ever, but there are always HAE events going on and it can be a good way to fill your calendar or use these events to fill in if you are waitlisted by bigger shows. They do jury by quality and all the work I have seen at there shows is very good. Application fees are usually $25, booth fee was $450 and my sales were $298. The general conversation from artists was that the show was slow, especially Saturday. For me personally I was right next to another photographer, which I do not know how that happened, but I do feel like that hurt my sales to some extent. I would not do this show again though, I really did not feel like this was my crowd. 

I hope you found this information useful and helpful in considering future shows of your own. I will continue to review arts festivals every week or so from my notebook and I will review them in order by date so if you are considering them there is plenty of time to apply and decide on the show. If you would like to support me and find this information valuable you can use the donate button on the home page of this website, or consider becoming a patreon at it really helps me to live my dream and keep me on the road. 

Best, Jeff 

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