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Show Notes 3

Posted by on November 16, 2018 at 4:20 PM

Grandview Hop, monthly one day show in the Columbus Suburb of Grandview. June 30,2018

This is not a show I would recommend for anyone out of town, but I will review for the sake that it is valuable to anyone to keep a local presence. It can help you promtote other parts of your business, online sales and usually are inexpensive to attend. This show is $40 for a booth and my sales are typically $100 plus some online sales or commissions afterwards. For this show I had one sale after. So for being local it was worth doing, I would not attend every month, but doing one a year does not hurt. 

Festival of the Arts, Howard Alan Events, Asheville, NC July 7-8, 2018 Booth $395, App $25 

This is going to be my last review of any HAE/ACE events. I have spent more than $5000 this year on their events and have done enough to conclude that they are lousy shows. They are not well attended, or recognized, they treat artists horribly from not giving out booth numbers, requiring you to print your own parking pass so they do not tow your vehicle. And yes I have had them threaten me to tow my vehicle and even had to confront the local authorities at the event about whether they had the right to tow a vehicle. And they do not have the right, but will act like they do. The shows are usually more expensive than the average arts festival. They own and allegedly set the standards, but that is all completely made up and they do not even hold their own artists accountable. They are the corporate america equilavent of arts festivals. It is a sad truth, I hope you do not make the same mistake that I did, which was to find their website and then find their schedule and fast forward 7 months and a dozen shows later from Ohio to Florida and in between and a lot of money spent, not much to show for it. They are completely not worth doing. And every show I have done the artist at the end of the weekend talk about the same thing, that it is a dissappointment and excuses about why the show was not good. Every time. My sales at this show were $400 and total expenses paid $638 and I camp and do not eat out. 

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