Jeff Kuhlman

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My love and obsession for photography started in 2001. I used cameras before then, but this is when I purchased a 35mm film camera. Buying that camera had a huge impact on my life. My journey in photography had officially begun. 

2006-2010 I started shooting digital photography in addition to 35mm film. I began doing commercial work for a restaurant, a hotel and a couple publications. 

2012 I am not a computer-oriented person, which is essential in processing digital work. After a while, I became frustrated with the process of producing digital photographs and decided to shoot only film. I actually sold all of my digital photography equipment. It was also at this time that I started printing and selling my work. 

2015 I started entering shows to sell prints. At this time I also advanced to medium format photography. That was a real turning point for me. I always felt something was missing from 35mm film; it left me wanting more from the negatives. Shooting medium format was exactly the connection I needed and from there it has been non-stop. 

2017 Last year was a year with some big changes. I created a studio at home to work out of and quit my previous career. I started shooting full time, pursuing as many shows as possible. I also started shooting digital again. My artwork that I produce is from film photography, and my commercial photography is digital. It is important to keep the two separate for me. 


At the heart of my art is film. A camera is a tool, in the toolbox for me to use to capture a moment, light, a feeling, design, or landscape. My intent is to evoke emotion and a feeling of connection. My photography is a blend of landscape, Americana, and street, from my surroundings to my travels. A love for the outdoors, nature and ecology keeps me constantly wanting to experience more and I often wander through unfamiliar areas to seek out new inspiration. 


I aim to work closely and personally with my clients, keeping their needs in mind to achieve the best photographs for their business. All work is digital and shot with a full frame, high resolution Nikon camera, Nikon lenses and professional lighting equipment. All photographs are retouched to ensure the highest possible quality. 


Originally a classically trained chef, I worked in the fine dining restaurant industry for more than 20 years. I have traveled and lived in many cities during that time, and I have always been drawn to composition and lighting, and plating food is not that much different than framing up a beautiful scene to photograph. I am a self taught fine art film photographer currently traveling the east coast showing my work, attending fine art fairs and festivals. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. 

Best Regards,

Jeff Kuhlman